ErgoDesk Stand-Up Desk 600


  • Read, write and present while standing
  • Elegant, detailed lines
  • Height adjustable from 8½" to 14¾"
  • For use with the Classic or Designer Ergo Desk or 24" x 26" flat multi-purpose working surface board
  • Makes a quick desktop podium!

 Use the ErgoDesk Stand-Up Desk Stand with any Ergo Desk to give an elegant, height adjustable stand. Place this Ergo Desk Stand on top of medium-height surfaces such as tables, counter tops, or desks for reading, writing, and presenting. With the Ergo Desk installed on top of theStand-Up, you can do your work while standing. Simply adjust from 8 1/2 inches to almost 15 inches in height to set your preferred stance. For those with chronic back troubles, you know the value of being able to work standing up to relieve pressure on the spine.

 Adds 8.5-14.5" height to your Ergo Desk. The Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk Stand supports the Ergo Desk Portable Reading and Writing Desk. You can write, read, or give standing presentations while working at conference tables, courtroom tables, counter tops or other medium height surfaces that can benefit from the increased height the Stand-Up Desk Stand provides.