Ablenet Latitude & Super Clamp 80000121



    • Three fully articulating joints provide 360-degree movement for precise positioning.
    • Super Clamp attaches to almost any flat table edge or round or square tube on a wheelchair or bed frame.
    • Micro adjustment head for precise positioning.
    • The mounting arm is compatible with any AbleNet Quick Ready mounting plates, mounting plates that use a ¼”-20 threaded rod to attach, or mounting plates from RehAdapt that connect with the Spigot Link System (SLS).
    • Positioning an accessibility switch like the Jelly Bean or Specs or a speech device like the BIGmack or LITTLE Step-by-Step in a location that is easy and comfortable for the user to access.
    • Attach an iPad or tablet computer to the edge of a table or frame of a wheelchair, so it is easy and comfortable for the user to access.
    • Includes ableCARE on-demand support
    • Built ableSTRONG to endure bumps and other environmental conditions

    Technical Specifications:

    • Mounted Products Max Weight: 7-lb/3.2-kg
    • Mounting Surfaces: Table Edge (2-in max), Tubing
    • Articulation (Positional Range): High
    • Positional Rigidity (Strength): High
    • Range/Reach: 20-in/51-cm
    • Maintenance Period Adjustment: No
    • Base Connection Method: Super Clamp
    • Weight: 2.2-lb/1.0-kg
    • Cord Management: Yes

    Latitude 360 is part of AbleNet’s line of quick-ready mounting solutions. When precise positioning of assistive technology or a tablet computer is required, Latitude 360 is the mounting arm for the job. Setup is easy and takes less than 2-minutes.