Your Poor Feet! Anti-Fatigue Mats Relieve Discomfort from Standing or Kneeling at Work September 14 2017

Your Poor Feet! Anti-Fatigue Mats Relieve Discomfort from Standing or Kneeling at Work

Anyone that stands or kneels for long periods of time at work can tell you the discomfort and pain that can occur. Especially when it comes to industrial or laboratory settings, concrete flooring is often the norm. Hard surface floors like concrete don’t provide the shock absorbency or resistance necessary to relieve pressure on your bones and joints. Anti-fatigue mats can make concrete floors more ergonomically friendly and provide many benefits for the workplace.


Fewer Slips and Falls


Slip and fall accidents can happen as a result of low traction on the floor. Depending on the age and fitness of the person involved in the incident, injuries can range from a strained muscle to a broken bone. According to insurance companies, anti-fatigue mats are the leading prevention tool for preventing slip and fall injuries. Anti-fatigue mats improve traction!


Decreased Back Pain


Standing for extended periods of time puts strain on the lower back. Over time, this strain will develop into muscle pain and tension, which can spread throughout the back and into the neck and shoulders. Long-term also tends to compress the spine, which will result in even more back pain. Anti-fatigue mats can help minimize back pressure and strain through the shock absorbency of its padding.


Repetitive Stress Injury and Fatigue Prevention


Constant pressure on the feet can result in misalignment of the bones as well as joint degeneration and blood will tend to pool into the legs, which can lead to varicose veins. The padding contained in an anti-fatigue mat can help diffuse this pressure, reducing the likelihood of muscle fatigue.


Increased Productivity


When employees enjoy better health and greater comfort, they tend to be more productive. With higher levels of concentration, efficiency and morale comes a happier and more productive employee. Considering the fact that you’ll also be saving the money you would be spending on injuries, this will translate into increased revenue.


Anti-fatigue mats are easy to install and can be placed in individual workspaces or in entire floor plans. They can be customized to fit any space – large or small. Or, as an alternative, you can purchase anti-fatigue footwear for your staff so that no matter where they are in your facility, they’re always using positive ergonomic practices. If you have a facility or laboratory where your employees are on their feet for most of the workday, it’s a great idea to consider your flooring and what you can do to alleviate the strain hard surfaces put on your workers.