Upgrade Your Home Office – It’s Time August 17 2020

Upgrade Your Home Office – It’s Time

Working from home over the past few months wasn’t planned. If you’d never worked from home before March, you might have made do with a makeshift workspace. Setting up your laptop on the couch, your bed or kitchen counter can work in a pinch. However, if you’ve been relying on a makeshift workspace for the last 4 months, it’s time for a change. Being stuck at home isn’t easy. Help your productivity stay consistent, avoid aches and pains and feel more professional by creating a permanent at-home office space. If you need some creative ideas, keep reading.


Closet Space

Not everyone has an extra room for a full-sized office, but you don’t need one. A little creativity can go a long way. A small closet makes the perfect office nook. A benefit of turning a closet into an office space is that you can close the closet door when you clock off making it that much easier to take your mind off work when you need to.


Fold-Down Desk

A wall-mounted box that you can fold out into a desk creates a multi-use space. It can be your office during the workday and fold up to give your space back when you’re off the clock. Only a small amount of wall space is needed for this option. If you opt for a chair that you can tuck away, you’ll have to dedicate even less space to a home workspace.


Desk/ Storage Combo

If you can’t sacrifice the storage space, create vertical storage above your desk. Floating shelves or a shelving unit can hold a surprising amount of office supplies. In general, it’s important to fill vertical space in small living situations so that no unused space goes to waste.


Landing/ Hallway/ Bedroom

Another option is to find the perfect spot to squeeze in a desk. A bedroom can be a great multipurpose space since sleeping and working aren’t usually simultaneous activities. Try replacing your bedside table with a desk. If you can’t fit a desk in your bedroom, look for another spot in your landing or hallway. Using space in a common area can work great, especially if you’re working from home alone.


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