Tips for Designing a Cozy Cubicle January 25 2018

Tips for Designing a Cozy Cubicle

The average American spends 40 hours a week behind cubicle walls. Employees that make time to make their cubicles more interesting or personalized are often more productive and healthier overall. Customizing and decorating your workspace can prevent repetitive stress injuries from seated work as well as combat depression. The first step to upgrading your cubicle is choosing the right furniture. Your furniture acts as the “skeleton” to your cubicle and is also the foundation for your musculoskeletal health while at work.


Your Monitor


Monitor arm.You should position your computer monitor in such a way that it is about 18 to 28 inches from your eyes, with the top of the monitor parallel to the top of your head. If your screen is too low, you can consider using a monitor riser or installing a monitor arm to compensate. You always want to be looking straight ahead and avoid placing your screen to the side where you would need to strain your neck to view it. 

Your Keyboard


A proper ergonomic keyboard should encourage proper typing posture. Wrists should rest flat and elbows positioned slightly open to 90 degrees. These same rules apply to your mouse. Your wrist should rest flat and it shouldn’t take too much movement to click and move the mouse around.


Your Office Chair


One of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your workspace is a solid ergonomic office chair. Choosing a chair with adjustable backrests, armrests and height will promote proper posture and circulation for your extremities. Say goodbye to back pain! Proper spine support can be found in the right ergonomic office chair.


      Freedom Chair from Humanscale        SomaFit Small Ergonomic Chair           Super Patriot Task Chair

         Freedom Chair                   SomaFit Small                   Super Patriot
       from Human Scale             Ergonomic Chair                  Task Chair


The Lighting


Dimmer lighting is actually ideal for people reading from a computer screen. Bright lights are really only necessary if one is reading hardcopy paperwork. Then, it is better to have a bright lamp nearby that you can access when needed.


Psychological Surroundings


Personalizing your space with your individuality can make time at work more pleasant. Houseplants add color to your desk and also help improve the indoor air quality around your desk. Photos of family, friends and pets can provide comfort and happy memories to help get you through the day. Fun office accessories such as brightly colored post-its, unique desk tools or themed calendars add more dimension to your space.


Given the amount of time you spend at work, it’s worth making the space both comfortable and customized to you physically and psychologically. Buying the right ergonomic furniture and adding a personal touch can help you feel more at home and comfortable throughout the day.