The Value of an In-Person Ergonomic Assessment May 15 2017

The Value of an In-Person Ergonomic Assessment

Bringing in an ergonomic specialist to your workplace to do an on-site assessment can add tremendous value to the productivity of your office and the health of your employees. You know it’s important to provide ergonomic office equipment for your staff, but including an expert perspective will help you and your employees maximize the benefits of using such equipment.


What Does an On-Site Ergonomic Assessment Consist of?


An ergonomic expert can help you adjust your unique workstation properly. Though you may be able to adjust your own space based on what “feels right” or what allows you to be the most comfortable throughout the day, certain changes can significantly improve your posture or joint health. Trained ergonomic professionals can show you how to properly use and adjust ergonomic office equipment with supervised practice.

In addition to training your staff on how to properly use ergonomic equipment to maximize the health benefits, they can also identify other problematic areas of the workspace that you may not have considered. By acknowledging other risk areas of the office, they can provide cost-effective solutions or repurpose existing equipment to comply with ergonomic principles. 

Why Can’t I Just Take Advice Remotely?


Having an expert come in allows your employees an opportunity to ask questions regarding their personal workstation, and gives them individualized attention that will suit their work style best instead of just recommending a one-size-fits-all strategy. It also allows the ergonomic evaluator a chance to look at other working conditions such as lighting and layout, which would be impossible to assess remotely but play a major role in employee productivity.

Plus, bringing in a trained professional to assess your employees’ workstations shows them that their ergonomic health is important to you as a business owner. It sends a message that you value their contribution to your business and office culture. 


Where Would I Go to Sign Up for an On-Site Workplace Evaluation?


Right here! AskErgoWorks offers ergonomic consulting services, including individual on-site workstation evaluations. When assessing your workplace, we’ll consider the following: 


– Improve workstation design and layout
– Instruct employees on proper ergonomic chair usage and review best seating and posture practices
– Survey lighting issues and techniques for controlling monitor glare
– Review best practices for mousing and keyboard techniques
– Identify potential risk factors in the workplace
– Recommend correct ergonomic equipment


        Contact us to learn more about preventative and standard ergonomic evaluations. For a more comprehensive evaluation, fill out our schedule form and we’ll contact you by the next business day to confirm your request by phone. With a comprehensive evaluation, we’ll do a thorough survey of your entire office and will report on ways which you can improve the work environment’s lighting, layout and overall safety.