Sit Back, Relax and Settle for Nothing Less than Ergonomic March 16 2017

Sit Back, Relax and Settle for Nothing Less than Ergonomic

If you sit for the majority of your workday, buying the correct chair for your body and work environment can be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to creating an ergonomically friendly office. Poor posture and back, shoulder and neck pain can be a result of a poorly chosen office chair. An ergonomic office chair can reduce the strain on these areas of your body and help correct posture.


Consider the following aspects when making a choice for an ergonomic office chair that’s best for you:


You should be able to easily access different areas of your desk and workspace. Look for a chair that has a smooth swivel or other mechanism that allows it to easily twist. Lightweight chairs offer easier office moves and oftentimes rotate more easily.


Lumbar Support

Sitting for extended periods of time without the correct support for your lumbar area (the region relating to your lower back) will cause it a considerable amount of strain. A proper ergonomic chair should have the appropriate height and depth to support the unique shape of your lower back.



Chairs with a more breathable material (such as fabric instead of leather) allows for greater comfort during hot or cold conditions. Look for a chair with additional padding as well to increase comfort and reduce impact.



A good ergonomic chair should always have adjustable height controls so that you can easily move it up and down with minimal effort. To attain proper posture, it’s important that your feet touch the floor with your legs horizontally parallel. You arms should be at or slightly higher than your desk. 


In order to make a well-informed decision on an ergonomic office chair, weigh the different aspects above with your budget, the amount of time you’ll be spending in the chair per day and the particular strains you feel on a day-to-day basis. If possible, have an ergonomic office chair fitting. Some companies have departments that can provide a certified recommendation for your body type and work environment. This will ensure that the chair you buy will be ergonomically suited for your needs. 



Photo by jnyemb