Resolve Screen Glare to Prevent Eye Strain at Work April 20 2017

Resolve Screen Glare to Prevent Eye Strain at Work

It’s no secret that focusing your eyes on any type of screen all day can cause headaches, eye strain, and even fatigue. If you work within the digital industry and can’t necessarily step away from your devices for extended periods of time, it may be worth considering a way to reduce your screen glare to prevent discomfort or battle mental fatigue. Screen glare is a common element when people report these types of discomforts. Let’s look at a few ways to reduce screen glare from your monitor:


Keep Your Screen Clean


Keeping dust and particulates off your screen can reduce the glare and make it easier to focus, easing the strain on your eyes. You may not realize you’re straining to see past a light layer of dirt on your screen, but it could be contributing to headaches throughout the day.


Anti-Glare Screen AttachmentUse an Anti-Glare Filter


An anti-glare filter diffuses light so that the screen is easier to see in challenging or changing indoor lighting conditions. This also includes reducing mirror-like reflections from bright indoor lights.



Control the Lighting Around You


Make sure there isn’t any bright lights overhead or nearby that might generate a glare on your screen. Keep your monitor away from the window where outside light can create contrasts or unseen areas on your screen. Utilize shades or curtains to shade the glare if you work in an office with many windows.


Monitor Arm ExtensionGet Moving!


Consider moving the screen to a position that aligns better with your height or the way your workstation is set up. Invest in a monitor arm so that you can have greater flexibility in repositioning your computer monitor based on changing light conditions. It’s also a good idea to take breaks regularly from looking at your screen to give your eyes a rest. Try taking 15 – 20 minutes away from your monitor or other device when you begin experiencing discomfort.


Just because your eyes sit comfortably in your eye sockets doesn’t mean they don’t experience strain! Headaches and fatigue are very real symptoms of eye strain, especially if you’re regularly focusing on a screen for work. AskErgoWorks is here to provide ergonomic solutions to the whole body in order to create a safer and healthier indoor workplace. This includes your mental state, not just physical stressors! Stay healthy and mentally alert with glare protection.



Feature Photo by Long Zheng