PC Gaming Ergonomics May 11 2021

PC Gaming Ergonomics

Playing video games can be more dangerous than you think, and we’re not just talking about hitting your toes on your desk legs. Sitting in a chair, looking at a monitor and using a mouse and keyboard can cause pain and discomfort if done incorrectly. It can even lead to a repetitive strain injury. Here at Ergo Works, we carry the industry’s best ergonomic products that will prevent these injuries and keep you playing your favorite video games.


Ergonomic gaming shares many aspects as office ergonomics. Your ergonomic health while gaming is just as important as it while working from home. If you’ve picked up gaming in the past few months and you haven’t quite figured out the best gaming setup for you, keep reading.


Let’s get started with your desk setup. If you're using a seated desk, we highly recommend getting a desk chair with an adjustable height. Adjustable arm rests are great, but at the very least, you want to be able to move your chair up and down so that you can get your eye line and elbows lined up with your monitor and desk in a comfortable way.



The seat height should allow you to keep your hips in line with your knees with your feet resting flat against the floor.

  • Your chair should support the natural curve of your back with plenty of lumbar support for your low back.
  • Keep your chest lifted and shoulders back. Make sure you’re able to relax your shoulders and neck in this position to avoid neck strain.
  • Lift your head up and back so it stays in line with your shoulder and back.
  • You should be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground. If you can't, consider getting a stool or platform to put under your desk.
  • The top of your monitor should be at around eye-level. In other words, you shouldn't have to look up to see anything. You also shouldn't need to lean forward. Having your monitor about an arms-length away from your eyes is generally good.


    Our gaming chair recommendation is the Freedom Chair with Headrest. The counterbalance recline mechanism provides the right amount of support through the full range of motion, perfect for keeping the correct ergonomic seated position while gaming. If this specific chair doesn’t interest you, we have a full line of ergonomic chairs of different styles. View our whole line of chairs here: Ergo Works Chair Catalog


    One of the most common problems that computer gamers experience is wrist pain and related injuries. To combat this problem, you should consider an ergonomic mouse that supports your hand and wrist in a neutral relaxed position. One of our favorites that we use at our own office is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.  View our full line of ergonomic mice here: Ergo Works Mice Catalog



    For those who want to consider a head tracking option, one of our best-selling gaming products is the Natural Point Track IR.


    Next up on the list is your keyboard setup. Your wrists and forearms should be parallel to the floor and free of tension. There are countless ergonomic keyboards to choose from but we recommend the latest from Kinesis Gaming. The all-new Freestyle Edge RGB by Kinesis is the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for gaming. A split keyboard positions your hands and arms in a relaxed posture so you can play longer and helps prevent injury. View our full line of our gaming keyboards here: Gaming Keyboards Catalog



    Proper computer eyewear enhances performance and protects your eyes from symptoms of digital eye strain. It also sharpens focus, filters out harmful blue light and minimizes glare. Gunnar Technology Eyewear the is #1 in Gaming. Gunnar is the only patented gaming/computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect + enhance your vision. Available in many stylish designs, for all head shapes and ages. They offer very cool video game inspired designs such as the Enigma Assassin's Creed Valhalla Edition, several Siege-6 inspired designs and also Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Edition Intercept glasses.


    Get your pair today and protect your eyes from harmful blue light and glare. These are a perfect addition to your work from home or gaming arsenal! Check out our full line of Gunnar Glasses here: Eyewear Catalog