Make Writing More Inviting with the Right Grip January 24 2017

Make Writing More Inviting with the Right Grip

Anyone that’s taken a hand-written exam knows the discomfort of a pen or pencil pressed against your fingers and the aching wrist that accompanies it. The average ballpoint pen or No. 2 pencil is truly only designed to do one thing: write! They’re not designed with the shape of your hand or the length of use in mind. As you grip the pen, it exerts a similar amount of pressure back, creating that hallmark writing callus that students often have. Sore wrists and tendons in the hand also result from this pressure. In addition, this type of pressure can contribute to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). 


We at are always concerned with ergonomic well being and so we’ve searched the market for writing utensils and accessories made to eliminate pressure points, allowing you to write with ease for hours on end. Try out these products intended for this purpose: 


Pencil Grips

Pencil grips.Probably the most cost effective and simple solution is ergonomic pen grips designed to prevent your hand from slipping down the pencil or pen. A pen grip can also alleviate some of the pressure involved with holding a cylindrical shaped utensil.  


Heavy Weight Ergonomic Pen 

Ergonomic pen.

This ergonomically designed pen was developed by doctors to prevent writer’s cramp, build strength and decrease hand tremors. The Arthritis Foundation recommends using pens with unique ergonomic grips such as these to decrease the detriment to your fingers and hands.




If writing is a major part of your day or even if you find yourself experiencing hand fatigue quickly, consider how you hold your writing utensil and whether it would be worth researching an alternative. Many leading pen manufactures have released ergonomic versions of their products in an effort to relieve writer’s cramp and make their pens or pencils healthier and easier to use. Students and working professionals alike can benefit from lessening the pressure of using a cylindrical writing utensil and instead opt in for a more naturally flexible alternative.


Photo by Leandro Martinez