Keyboard Ergonomics for Gamers Aiming to Preserve Performance February 22 2018

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard

When it comes to eSports and the need to maintain a certain level of gaming performance, many gamers opt out of ergonomic accessories. Afraid that an ergonomic keyboard or mouse may not perform as well as an attachment specifically designed for gamers, a misunderstanding of the benefits of ergonomic equipment for gaming has become common. Well, AskErgoWorks has some great news. We’ve picked up a new keyboard in our shop that is not only ergonomically-friendly but is designed for gamers and those that participate in eSports in mind.


Introducing the Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard


This adjustable split keyboard has all the design of an ergonomic accessory as well as all the bells and whistles needed to compete with modern gaming keyboards. The adjustable split keyboard design allows you to customize the positioning to your body type and style. With 20 inches of separation room, you have numerous options for what to place there for additional performance or comfort. Add an oversized mouse pad, a steering wheel, a joystick, or even a microphone. Plus, the keyboard maintains a traditional keyboard layout, so there is no adjustment period for you to learn to use it quickly and effectively.


No Sacrifice in Ergonomic Health

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard is ergonomically friendly.

Use the Edge as a one-handed game pad so you can bring your mouse in tight for maximum control and precision for low DPI gaming. Maintaining your mouse hand in front of your shoulder provides you additional dexterity as well as comfort. This is better for your ergonomic health and can boost your baseline performance. Key modules can be rotated for optimal key coverage and the ability to angle the keyboard allows your wrists to remain straight. Keeping your wrists in a neutral position increases your speed and reduces fatigue.


No Sacrifice in Performance


Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard custom programming.Each Edge keyboard is fully programmable with a SmartSet Programming Engine that allows you to customize your hotkeys without any software or special drivers. With 4MB of built-in storage, all your custom settings remain on the keyboard even if you switch computers. You can seize control with 8 programmable game keys in your game bank, so you can assign your favorite macros, abilities, and multimedia actions. You can also choose from 9 brightness levels for your backlighting including Breathe mode and Pitch Black.


Get your choice for cherry mechanical switches, which are considered the gold standard for gaming. With lightning quick actuation and durability, choose between MX Blue (tactile and clicky), Red (low force and linear), and Brown (low force and tactile).


Cherry MX keys


If you’re a serious competitive eSports gamer or even just a hobbyist looking for the best equipment for your health and your performance, you need the Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard. Get a competitive edge while maintaining a healthy hand and wrist posture to prevent repetitive stress injuries. You’ll be thanking yourself later!