How Healthy is Your Workstation? August 31 2020

How Healthy is Your Workstation?
Now that many of us have been working from home for months, check in with the health of your home office setup. Your ergonomic health is just as important now as it was when you were working from your office. However, makeshift workstations are more prevalent at home. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of incorporating ergonomic practices into your home office setup.
Why It’s Important
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s):
Evaluating your home office setup can reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders of MSD’s. Some MSD’s that affect computer users are carpal tunnel, muscle strains, trigger finger and tendinitis. According to OSHA, these types of workplace injuries cause the most reported lost work time. It pays off to invest in ergonomic health.
Suffering from MSD’s or general aches and pains while working is distracting. Not only that but implementing ergonomic practices can make your daily tasks easier and boost energy levels. Your workspace design has more influence on your job than you may think. Placing items strategically and using them in the correct form can reduce unnecessary straining as well as reduce the time it takes to perform certain tasks. As far as boosting energy levels, implementing quick breaks throughout your day for stretching and movement can go a long way.
How to Fix It
Make sure your chair is supportive while allowing your body to maintain the correct posture. Lumbar support, armrests and height are all factors to consider when choosing the correct seating. Next, your desk has a huge impact on your ergonomic wellbeing. Preferably, you should switch up your working position as much as possible. Sit/stand desks allow you to adjust the height of your desk. This not only helps you adjust your desk to the correct height for you but also gives you more flexibility.
Office Set-Up:
There’s no point in buying high-quality desks, chairs or office accessories if you don’t set them up correctly. Make sure that your chair for seated work allows your feet to rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor. Place supplies, documents and other items that you need regularly within reach. This eliminates the possibility of sustaining an awkward posture while grabbing your highlighter or stapler. It also increases efficiency in your workflow. Your monitors should always be slightly below eye level and far enough back on your desk to allow your keyboard to be placed directly in front. While typing, your wrists should be straight with your hands slightly below elbow level.
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