Holiday Buying Guide November 29 2018

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge

The season of giving is in full swing. Tech accessories are the perfect gift for family members and friends. Tech accessories can spoil any hard worker by relieving muscle strain. They can also give children the confidence they need and gamers the mobility they love to get the most out of their experience. We’ve compiled a list of Ergo Works’ products that we recommend for the best tech accessory gifts this holiday season.

Leaning seat for desk work


Home Office:

The holidays are the perfect time to gift the remote worker in your life with the accessories they might not buy for themselves. Increase their comfortability and productivity with one of the following gifts this holiday season.


1. Anti-Fatigue Mats

No matter where you work, it’s important to add movement into your day. Many workers do this by standing. However, even standing can lead to back pain and poor circulation. Anti-fatigue mats allow your leg muscles to stay engaged while you stand. Not only will this help your circulation, it will create a more comfortable standing surface.


2. Stands & Risers

If you know a remote worker who only has a setup designed for sitting, consider computer stands and risers. These items will raise electronics, giving the flexibility you need to add movement into your workday.


3. Alternative Seating

Whether you prefer to work sitting, standing or somewhere in between, there are many alternative seating options. They are designed to support your body while encouraging your muscles to stay engaged throughout the day.

a hands-free mouse with a head tracker


Give the gamer in your life the ultimate setup. They’ll be thanking you the next time they level up.


1. Monitor arms

In order to submerge yourself in a game completely, multiple monitors are often required. Monitor arms allow these monitors to be adjusted and positioned for optimal use.


2. Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets allow you to roam from your pc without decreasing sound quality. This gives you the opportunity to game how you like. If you beat your all-time score, go ahead and jump for joy. You won’t be attached to any restrictive cords.


3. Hands Free Mice

Gaming involves complex coordination and multi-tasking abilities. Hands free mice will redistribute some of that work. The Natural Point TrackIR 5 Premium with head tracking for gaming enables you to unlock the full potential of your game. The TrackClip attaches to the brim of a hat or headset with ease. Move in a 3D space without giving up your gaming capabilities.


 a colorful keyboard for children


Help your children learn to type and use the computer with ease. Invest in a few key accessories to encourage their progress.


1. Mini Keyboards

The Califone – My First Keyboard is designed for young computer users. It’s numbers, vowels and consonants are color coded to increase keyboard knowledge and speed. It’s also made with durable ABS plastic.


2. Anti-glare filters

Protect your child’s vision with an anti-glare filter. It works to improve visibility in bright indoor lighting without increasing eye strain. In addition, an anti-glare filter will add a layer of protection to your screen to decrease permanent scratches and dust levels.


3. Vehicle Desks

Whether your family is on a road trip or you have a long family commute, vehicle desks make sitting in the car a lot more bearable. Your child can play a computer game to stay entertained or complete homework assignments.