Give Your Portable Office an Ergonomic Makeover February 22 2017

Give Your Portable Office an Ergonomic Makeover

A few simple tweaks to your workspace can make a big difference when it comes to comfort, productivity and your ergonomic health. Even better is the ability to bring your ergonomically designed electronic tools, chair and lighting options to any workspace you may have for that day. With the increase in a more mobile lifestyle, being able to have desktop accessories on the go that are easy on your body is a busy working professional’s dream come true. Check out these leading products available for purchase on our site that will have you working comfortably anywhere you see fit:


 Interstuhl UPis1 Stool

Interstuhl UPis1 StoolThese handy and adjustable stools allow for flexible and easy movement. The rounded base keeps it stable while still advocating movement – lean forward, back and around all you want! This stool was designed to keep you in motion. Weighing less than 10 pounds, it’s lightweight and easily carried to different locations for a convenient seat when you need one. Throw it in the car, keep it by your desk or store it in the closet for extra seating when guests or colleagues visit your home or office. The attractive minimalist design comes in five color choices.






LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk LampWith 5 dimming options, this LED desk lamp offers ideal lighting for any project. The LCD touch screen at the base of the lamp shows the date, time and temperature, with a color temperature adjustment setting. The lamp provides a night-light effect even when the lamp is turned off and includes an alarm. This lamp also includes a back up battery, so you won’t lose your settings when you unplug it to bring it with you. It folds down neatly so you can easily tuck it into a purse or bag. This light is easy on the eyes, and can help provide the best lighting to keep your eyes focused and unstrained whether it’s night or day. 






Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical MouseThis semi-vertical mouse with an ideal slope of 66 degrees allows users to enjoy maximum ergonomic comfort without sacrificing mouse movement accuracy. The anti-slip texture grip and rubber coating adds to your comfort. Unlike with fully vertical mice, you’ll continue to harness the power of gravity by using less effort when clicking, reducing the movement between the thumb and fingers. Users with hands up to 7.5” long can comfortably use this mouse. Attachment flanges are also available for users with hands up to 8”. This mouse is available both wired and wireless, so if you have on the go needs, choose wireless and complete your set of mobile tools for work outside the office.





Just because you leave your desk doesn’t mean you have to ditch your ergonomic practices. These portable ergonomic devices make it easy to attend to your work while easing the strain on your body, eyes and hands.


Feature Photo by Nick Keppol