Ergonomics on the Go: How to Practice Good Principles During Business Travel July 19 2017

Ergonomics on the Go: How to Practice Good Principles During Business Travel

Business trips, summits and networking opportunities can blossom during the summer months as companies seek to broaden their horizons. But if you’ve already taken the time to perfect your cubicle’s ergonomic organization and bought yourself that chair that perfectly fits your back, how do you ensure you’ll avoid workplace injuries outside the office? Carrying all your work-related items on a regular basis is one thing, but you also have to consider how you’ll set up your temporary desk in whatever environment you find yourself. 


Getting There


Utilize a wheeled carry-on bag instead of one you have to sling over one shoulder, inevitably putting your back out of whack before the trip even starts. Even a backpack puts considerable strain on your neck and shoulders and isn’t ideal when hauling around your laptop, presentation handouts, product samples, etc. If you must carry a briefcase due to a tight schedule, alternate the hands or shoulders you use to carry it to alleviate any pressure on any one side of your body.


Working in Cramped Places


If you’re trying to get work done on the plane or even in a crowded coffee shop in between meetings, you’ll need to adjust some of your surroundings to work for you. On planes, always opt for a window seat so you can lower the window shade to control any potential glare on your screen. Bring a portable laptop station to raise the screen and reduce the tilting of the head and neck. Laptop privacy filters can prevent wandering eyes from looking over your shoulder while you work.


Remember Your Usual Routine


Just as you would at the office, take frequent breaks from the screen or from remaining seated for long periods of time. Take short walks or look away from the screen to give your eyes a rest. As always, keep your posture in mind when sitting in different chairs. Inflatable lumbar cushions are a travel-friendly ergonomic option when trying to keep consistent back support in different environments.


With some minor tweaks and planning, working out of the office and in new territory doesn’t have to throw off your ergonomic practices. Ergonomic routines help us through all lifestyles outside the office, and a business trip should be no different!