Ergonomics for Children June 13 2019

Ergonomics for Children

As summer approaches, kids start to have more time for fun activities. Your child may prioritize computer games, surfing the web and texting friends more than the rest of the year. Heavy computer usage, phones and video game consoles can all lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s). It’s important to teach kids to hold the correct posture while using technology. More customization may be needed for your child since most furniture and computer accessories are made for adults. These tips can help kids of all ages enjoy their ergonomic health all summer long.


Ergonomic Obstacles:

Even if your kids use a computer often, it’s probably set up at a desk that is too high for them. They should be able to relax their shoulders and keep their wrists should be in line with their elbows. This is impossible if keyboards and monitors are set up for an adult. A child’s feet should also be flat on the ground. Most chairs will not allow this as they are too tall. Another common cause of MSD’s are keyboard angles. A flat traditional keyboard causes wrists to strain. There are many split, natural and wireless keyboards that are more ergonomically friendly for your kids.


Correct Posture:

While your kids are typing or playing games, teach them to use the following correct seated posture.

  • Feet flat on the ground
  • Wrists in line with elbows
  • Hips in line with knees
  • Elbows and knees at 90-degree angles
  • Head in line with shoulders
  • Monitor an arm’s length away from eyes
  • Lamp next to computer. Computer light should never be brighter than the room light.



Accessories are a great solution to many of the ergonomic issues that kids face when using technology. They allow kids to gain access to the customization they need without being permanent. Children grow quickly. It’s not always practical to buy permanent kid sized furniture and technology. The following accessories can go a long way to promote your child’s ergonomic health.


  1. Foot rests: Even if your child is sitting in a tall chair, you can provide a footrest to encourage correct seated posture. Knees at a 90-degree angle with feet flat on the ground is an important part of healthy seated posture. The Workrite Heavy Duty Production Footrest is lightweight and adjustable. It can grow with your child for many years of use.


  1. Child sized keyboards and mice: A Child’s wrists and hands can be strained by keyboards and mice that are too large, especially when using a laptop. Laptops promote incorrect ergonomic posture that’s even worse than the typical detached keyboard. The Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard is a great option because it’s also wireless.


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