Causes of Lower Back Pain August 31 2019

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Sometimes aches seem to appear with no real cause. Many people live with the most common types of pain making a daily appearance. According to Mayo Clinic, back pain is one of the most common reasons that employees miss work. Back pain can be a result of many different actions. The first step to relieving any type of pain is to figure out what’s causing it. Heavy computer users often experience low back pain due to lack of support but that’s not the only reason. Read more below to figure out what could possibly be causing your low back pain along with ergonomic tips to help you feel better in no time.


Sitting All-Day

Let’s face it. Most of us sit all day and don’t do a whole lot of physical movement while in the office. Sitting, especially without using ergonomic principles, puts a large amount of stress on your back. Instead of sitting, consider working partially at a standing desk. Standing on an anti-fatigue mat such as the Smartcells Anti Fatigue Mat can offer a more comfortable alternative to sitting. The mat offers secure, stable footing for an optimal level of softness.


Lack of Lumbar Support

One of the best ways to take some stress off your back while sitting is to use lumbar support. The Better Back Lumbar Cushion is designed to relieve back pain and attaches easily to any chair. This is a quick and easy solution that can go a long way.


Awkward Movements

Sitting in a workspace that isn’t customized to meet your personal ergonomic needs can cause you to perform awkward movements. Craning your neck to speak with a colleague, performing a repetitive task and reaching for poorly placed files are all awkward movements.


Heavy Bag

Remote work is becoming more and more common. You might need to carry your laptop or other work supplies to and from your office or workspace. Wearing your backpack correctly can distribute the weight of your belongings and help you avoid back pain. However, make sure that your backpack isn’t too heavy or causing any unneeded back strain.


Lifting Incorrectly

As a heavy computer user, you might not think that lifting heavy items is a part of your daily routine. However, you’ll most likely need to re-arrange office furniture, carry stacks of documents or distribute office supplies at some point in your career. Especially if you’re not used to lifting heavy items, it’s important to brush up on correct lifting technique.


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