Benefits of Ergonomic Footrests December 26 2017

Benefits of Ergonomic Footrests

Some people may not always consider an aspect of their body that needs additional support is the feet. Without the proper support or regular activity, lack of circulation or movement of the feet can affect your back, legs, and circulation to other parts of the body. To help your feet, consider an ergonomic footrest to give you additional support and comfort when you’re sitting for extended periods of time at a desk. Footrests provide numerous benefits both ergonomically and in terms of increasing productivity:


Better Circulation


Anyone sitting down or lying down for too long with minimal to no activity will have poor blood circulation. This lack of proper activity or a proper footrest can eventually lead to blood clots or varicose veins. Keeping your feet elevated with an ergonomic footrest greatly reduces the risk of developing circulatory conditions from lack of activity.


Better Posture


It’s no secret that sitting all day can lead to poor posture. A proper ergonomic chair can help immensely, but an ergonomic footrest is also a great choice to help your posture. In order to achieve a consistently healthy posture, keep both feet on the footrest while keeping your legs horizontal to the floor. 


Better for Those with Shorter Physiques


If you’re a person with a shorter physique, you may have problems reaching the floor while sitting in your office chair. The inability to reach the floor and rest both feet can affect your back. When you hang your legs in the air, in can cause weight distribution issues that will cause discomfort in your back and legs. The footrest can provide the proper support for your legs, feet and back.


Reduced Back Problems


Extended periods of time in an office environment siting in a chair will inevitably put strain on your spine. However, with a footrest you can sit all the way back into the chair without slouching and putting pressure on your spine and lower back area. This can lead to increased comfort and productivity while reducing your risk of injury.


Ergonomic footrests are great for those that have trouble reaching the ground when sitting, those that suffer from poor circulation to the feet already, or those that have trouble maintaining a healthy posture when sitting for long periods of time. Although a footrest is not a commonly thought of solution when it comes to ergonomics or maintaining proper posture, it can be a perfect way to add that needed support or avoid a possibly injury.