Anne's Top 5 Products She Can't Live Without November 18 2021

Anne's Top 5 Products She Can't Live Without

Ergo Works is a proud, woman-owned small business with over 30 years combined experience performing on-site workstation evaluations and work site modifications. Located in the Bay Area, we have formed tight relationships with our customers through excellent customer service and honest, helpful advice and product recommendations. With that background and experience in mind, we sat down with Ergo Works founder and CEO Anne Kramer to learn more about which products she actively uses every day, and which products she cannot live without.


According to Anne, the secret to an ideal workplace setup is comfort—and that doesn’t just include a desk and a chair! Anne’s advice to all readers out there is to look thoughtfully at other desk items you use every day, and incorporate ergonomic appliances into those practices.


For her, a Rollermouse Red, Humanscale Freedom Chair, and a sit/stand desk are must-haves, but she also recommends a document holder and a phone holder!


All products that she personally uses are linked below. She emphasizes how important it is for everyone from WFH Warriors to Eager Ergonomic Enthusiasts to be thoughtful about things they use every day to work and how ergonomic improvements can improve their comfort and productivity.



Anne's Top 5 Ergonomic Products 


1. Contour Design RollerMouse Red 

2. DH640 In Line Document Holder

3. Humanscale Freedom Chair

4. Workrite Fundamentals EX Electric Sit/Stand Table

5. G-Hold Phone Holder