Ergonomic Handheld Keyboard February 18 2016

Ergonomic Handheld Keyboard

TREWGrip is truly the next step in the evolution of mobile keyboards. The gap between a laptop and tablet is bridged with a unique design where the typist holds the keyboard with both hands. The QWERTY layout is maintained so anyone can leverage their existing keyboarding skills when using TREWGrip. It’s been estimated that the time to take to adapt is approximately one hour. Considering how much time we spend on our mobile devices, its a small investment for a new experience.

Ask Ergo Works is excited to be an exclusive dealer of TREWGrip and offer the next step in mobile innovation. You can watch TREWGrip featured on the Discovery Channel but you can order your very own TREWGrip risk free with Ask Ergo Works and shipping is on us!