SAP Ariba Let's Us Take Care of Business May 23 2016

SAP Ariba Let's Us Take Care of Business

At Ask ERGO Works, we are proud to have joined SAP Ariba – a network that creates profitable connections with customers and allows us to manage our sales and cash flows effectively.


“Small businesses operate in a 21st Century digital world, which means that they are forced to be innovative in their business strategies to stay afloat in the online market,” said Eric Self, Global VP of SAP Ariba.


This network is a digital marketplace with two million buyers and sellers that generates over $1 trillion in commerce every year. It's another B2B resource that lets us reach more people and help more businesses create a healthy and safe work environment!


So how do small businesses get started with creating networking opportunities?


Self has the answer. “It starts with desire,” he said, “On Ariba Network, it’s as easy as creating a presence on social media. But instead of sharing personal status updates, you’re sharing detailed information about your company’s products and services. You can put your best foot forward with buyers at some of the world’s largest corporations.”


This means that no middle man is involved in connecting with the right people in large companies interested in your products and services. What an amazing opportunity!


Ariba is an all-in-one platform that lets small businesses manage the entire buying and selling process online – from orders and invoices through payment. The network also lets members use one platform for connecting with everyone. There’s no need to worry anymore about connecting to different people through different systems. The process is easy and streamlined on the Ariba Network!


ERGO Works is in the business of creating powerful partnerships and making lasting connections with as many workplaces as possible, and the Ariba Network is the perfect platform to do just this.


Unlike Amazon or eBay, Ariba is a business-to-business platform that lets members connect to corporations who are interested in their products and services. Instead of connecting with an individual, Ariba lets you connect with the right person for an entire company. It’s the perfect B2B solution for small businesses looking to make powerful partnerships!


Self even talked about ERGO Works when he was explaining the Ariba Network. “A great example of this is Ergo Works, a small, woman-owned business in Palo Alto that sells ergonomic products,” he said.


He also quoted Ask ERGO President Anne Kramer when discussing B2B solutions on Ariba. “Companies have the need for these specialized products like ergonomic furniture, but it can be challenging to get an audience with them. SAP gives Ergo direct access to large corporations and provides a vehicle through which they can purchase specialty products from us.”


Indeed, with just Internet connection and a membership through the Ariba Network, small businesses have access to an entire world of potential corporate partnerships at their fingertips.


Self reported that on average, small businesses increase sales efficiency by 20 percent after joining the Ariba Network. It’s free to sign up and check the network out – We did at Ask ERGO and we’re extremely pleased with the results!


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Photo by Simon Kellogg