5 Easy Ways to Reduce Pain When Typing or Using a Mouse April 28 2016

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Pain When Typing or Using a Mouse

Did you know that the way you type or use a mouse can impact your likelihood of developing a work-related injury? Indeed, strain and stress from using your mouse or keyboard incorrectly can lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, mouse elbow or upper-back pain.


Ergo Works is here to help you use your computer work station in a healthy, efficient way. This includes learning how to type and operate a mouse in a way that prevents pain.


Consider the following 5 essential typing and mousing techniques:


  1. Hold the Mouse loosely - Many people who use a computer grip their mouse forcefully or with a firm grip. By using a tighter grip, you’re increasing tension throughout your fingers and part of your wrist. The correct mousing technique is to lessen the strain, hold your mouse loosely.
  2. Don’t lift that pinkie finger - Just as it’s important to hold the mouse loosely, it’s important to keep all fingers on the mouse. There are some who raise their pinkie finger as they use their mouse. Again, this leads to strain on your wrist and hand. The next time you catch yourself raising your pinkie, remember the correct mousing technique and close your pinkie down to reduce the stress on your fingers, hand and wrist.
  3. Type lightly - In the movies and even in the desk next to us, we hear someone typing heavily on their keyboard. Although it may sound like they are hard at work, they are causing undue strain on their wrists and fingers. Remember, to lessen the stress type lightly – your cubicle neighbor might even thank you for doing this.
  4. Curve your fingers - Do you type with rigid thumbs or with your pinkie fingers up? If so, you’re contributing to additional stress on your fingers, hands and wrists. The proper typing technique is to curve all your fingers and ensure you keep them loose for increased typing performance with less strain.
  5. Avoid ‘Planting & Pivoting' your wrist while keying - Keep your wrists in a neutral (straight) position so they are not bent up or down. Repeatedly bending your wrists up and down (extension and flexion) compresses structures inside the carpal tunnel in the wrist. This can cause pain and lead to injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.



Check out our video on our Top 5 Ergonomic Mice to reduce pain while working:

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At Ergo Works we have one goal: Increase work efficiency and decrease pain. These typing and mouse techniques do just this - if you have any sort of upper-body pain from working on a computer, consider making these five easy adjustments to get you on the path to wellness! 


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