It's Best to Take Breaks! April 19 2016

It's Best to Take Breaks!

Taking Breaks Increases Productivity and Decreases Pain.


In today’s workplace that emphasizes getting as much done as possible, it might seem counterintuitive to take frequent breaks throughout the day. However, according to a study reported in The Atlantic, the best formula for optimal productivity during the day is working for 52 minutes and taking a break for 17 minutes.


Not only does taking breaks increase productivity, but it also helps prevent office pain and injuries, such as lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Why? Because moving our bodies is crucial to staying healthy! 


That said, it’s important to understand how to take breaks. First and foremost, stay away from any computer or phone screen during your break. Also, get on your feet - take a walk, go for a quick run, or do whatever you need to do to move your body. Staying on your feet and moving helps blood flow and circulation in your body, which can prevent normal aches and pains in the workplace. It also improves brain productivity and creativity!


Something else to consider is re-evaluating how you work. Along with taking frequent breaks and moving your body, it’s also important to have a workspace that fits your needs and is conducive to good health. This is where the experts at Ask ERGO Works can help: If you work in the Palo Alto area, we offer ergonomic assessments that provide solutions to businesses for making their workplace healthy and pain-free. 


You might also consider trading out your work station for a sit-stand desk that can help you work in a way that allows you to stay on your feet. Indeed, if you have back pain or suffer from other work-related injuries, switching out your desk for one that fits your body better can make a world of difference. Shop our wide selection of sit-stand and standing work stations here!


Whether you are interested in an ergonomic evaluation, switching out your desk or simply looking for a better work routine that includes breaks, Ask ERGO Works is here to help. Stay healthy and take care of yourself - be sure you’re doing the right things to keep your body pain-free!



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Feature photo by: Kim