Lower Back Pain Solutions March 30 2016

Lower Back Pain Solutions

Got Back Pain? We Can Help.


Everyone who has worked at an office for a long period of time knows that lower back pain is a common problem in the workplace. But why does this seem to be an epidemic in corporate America? At Ask ERGO Works, we’re here to help rid any office injury or ailment - and we’re starting with back pain.

The reason that many people suffer from back pain in the office is because sitting for longer periods of time is a non-moving posture that adds unwanted stress to areas such as the back, shoulders, arms and legs. At the center of this pressure is the lower back - indeed, back muscles and spinal discs take the worst of the stress when sitting for a long time. 
Peoples’ natural sitting postures when sitting in a chair are to slouch, rest their elbows on the desk and sit at the front of the chair. This ultimately overstretches spinal ligaments and areas around the lower back and spine, and, over time, it can lead to permanent damage and severe back pain.


So what are some ways to prevent spinal stretching and over-stressing your back? Ask ERGO Works has many options for you to consider when searching for ways to heal your back pain:


    • Fully adjustable ergonomic chairs: Our online store has a wide selection of posture-friendly chairs that will help you with back and shoulder pain.
    • Back or seat cushions: Not interested in buying a completely new chair? We understand. Instead, try adjusting your chair so that the curve of the chair fits the curve of your back. If you can’t do this with your chair, consider perusing our back and seat cushion options for a budget-friendly solution.
    • Footrest:  To maintain good posture while at your desk, keep your knees equal to or lower than your hips. If you’ve been sitting with your knees above your hips, lower your chair or  so that your legs are comfortable at the right angle.