PI Engineering XKE-128 Keyboard


  • 8x16 grid for keys and blockers
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum case with powder coated finish
  • Addressable blue and red back lighting for each key
  • USB connection to computer
  • Emulates keyboard, mouse, or game controller (joystick)
  • Also offers unique USB HID data reports for full integration
  • A wide range of key caps and blockers available
  • 5.8” x 3.8” x 0.94” (147mm x 97mm x 24mm

Our largest X-keys, the XKE-128 offers eight rows and sixteen columns in a ¾” grid to create the perfect control panel for any application. Single units stand readily available for experimentation and prototyping.  We support every customer from initial purchase and prototyping through implementation of multiple control consoles.

Eight rows and sixteen columns to build the perfect control panel for your application.  Dedicated keys in an intuitive ergonomic layout maximize efficiency, minimize operator errors, and lower training time on any system.   

The XKE-128 ships fully populated with 128 relegendable keys - perfect for testing multiple layout options. Add optional large keys and key blockers to refine the layout. Using an established hardware platform saves time moving from prototype to production.

When it comes time to reproduce your finished prototype, select options ranging from printed key legends to acrylic printed ABS keys to double-shot molded key caps. We offer custom brand labeling, assembly, programming, and testing to provide a delivered plug-and-play solution. We specialize in 10-100 unit custom control solutions with the capability to step up to thousands of units for large scale deployment.