Workrite Reversible Combo Mouse Forward Platform, UB-385RL-25


  • Designed for straightaway application
  • The mouse forward design positions mouse area closer to user
  • Platform reverses for right-handed or left-handed mouse
  • Dimensions: 27" wide x 12 1/4" - 14 1/2" deep
  • Available in Classic 5/8" melamine or 1/4" Ultra-Thin composite plastic
  • Color: Black platform with removable black leather-like pads
  • Integrated built-in document holder on backside for in-line viewing of documents w/ keyboard/mouse manager, and ‘Mouse Trap’
  • Arm Sold Separately


Our reversible platforms are designed to be installed for right or left hand users and can be reversed using simple tools as needed in the future. This platform type is also ideal for those who prefer a continuous platform with no moving parts and extreme rigidity for both mouse and keyboard support.