TypeMatrix Ergonomic Keyboard w/ USB Adapter, EZR2030QW


  • Smallest keyboard with full-sized keys and complete functionality
  • Footprint – 12.75w"x5.5h"x.5d"
  • Fits over notebook keypads without covering the touch pad
  • Mouse close to the right hand
  • Portable – fits easily in briefcase, notebook case, backpack
  • Flat – sleek – lightweight
  • Grid layout – easy to learn and easy on the fingers, hands, arms
  • Logical, modular design
  • Large Shift, Backspace, Enter keys
  • Less reaching to frequently used keys and mouse
  • Calculator-style Number Pad
  • Tactile feedback on keys - ridges and bumps
  • Color-coded for easy use
  • PS/2 Connecter with USB Adaptor
  • Prevents typing injuries
  • Reduces or eliminates existing typing symptoms
  • 90% of users get complete or significant reduction of pain
  • Keyboard and typist centered on monitor • Terrific design for programmers and power users

Typematrix solves ergonomic issues without the use of bulky contouring.  This keyboard delivers all the functions of a standard keyboard in one small, sleek and logical package that fits easily in a standard briefcase or laptop