TypeMatrix Ergonomic Keyboard USB EZR2030USB


Free Freight

  • Compatibility and Connectability -PC and Mac(some multimedia/special functions are OS dependent and may not be fully implemented by OS X and other)
  • Matrix Architecture
  • Straight vertical key columns increase typing accuracy.
  • Large Shift Keys
  • Accuracy is increased and stressful wrist motions are reduced.
  • Large CenterEnter and CenterBackspace Keys
  • Accessibility by strongest index finger is increased while stressful motions by weaker fingers are decreased.
  • Close Mouse Location
  • Minimal reach for mouse reduces arm and shoulder stress.
  • Enhanced NumPad Overlay
  • Full-function num pad includes convenient spreadsheet keys.
  • Dvorak Key, The one-touch key switch to "Dvorak" enables 50% less finger motion.
  • The TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard significantly reduces the motions known to cause typing injuries.
  • Short footprint allows keyboard and mouse to fit in keyboard trays. Light weight and sturdy structure promotes portability.

  • Narrow, compact design keeps wrists relaxed with nominal strain.

  • Membrane technology with "double-scissor" substrate producing smooth, quiet, responsive touch.

Typematrix solves ergonomic issues without the use of bulky contouring.  This keyboard delivers all the functions of a standard keyboard in one small, sleek and logical package that fits easily in a standard briefcase or laptop