Thoracic Lumbar Back Support, 240



  • Promotes correct sitting posture to help relieve back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Constructed of soft high-quality foam with removable, washable Polartec® cover
  • Supports and aligns the lumbar and thoracic (middle) spine for complete back support
  • Ensures a natural cervical curve with the head above the shoulders
  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 18" H x 14" W x 2" D; vertical thoracic pad is 5.5" W
  • Color: Black

With much of the population spending extended hours sitting, there's a distinct need for an easy-to-use back support for your entire back. The OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support™ features an “upside-down T” shape that supports the entire back; not just the low/lumbar region.  Recommended for offices, cars, semi-trucks, classrooms, couches, airplanes, buses, tractors, construction equipment, theaters, sports arenas/stadiums and anywhere else you sit for extended periods.  Made of soft high-quality foam with a removable, washable Polartec® cover and two adjustable elastic straps. Straps contain latex.