Spaceco Wave Light


  • Double extension counterbalanced arm
  • Refractive lens technology provides optimal light distribution that eliminates light pooling and glare, and minimizes shadows
  • 2-axis rotation of light head (vertical and horizontal)
  • Light head rotates 90° to arm
  • 70° cutoff angle
  • Peak light output: 77fc (foot candles) 15" above worksurface
  • Area of illumination: 26" (80-20fc with light set 15" above desktop)
  • Illumination contrast ratio: Spectrum declines 4fc per inch (75fc - 23fc)
  • Color temperature 3800K CRI 70
  • 3 lever dimmer
  • 31.7 lm/W luminous efficiency
  • 50,000 hour average lifetime
  • Electrical input power (watts): High (11.00), Medium (5.8), Low (1.5)
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Dimensions: Shade: 3.9"W x 8.8"D
    Folded depth: 13"
    Reach: 41"


  • Available in Base Mount or Clamp Mount (other mounting options available upon request).
  • Available in Platinum or Black finish

Designed specifically for the office environment, Wave Light integrates with virtually any office furniture system and its refractive lens technology provides optimal light distribution and eliminates multiple shadows. The Wave Light by SpaceCo offers advantages over CFL lights including lower energy costs and longer lifetime. The patented refractive lens technology of Wave Light delivers quality illumination and eliminates the shortcomings of many other LED lights. Wave Light was designed as a desk light and integrates well with office furniture systems.

The Wave Light provides the desirable features of LED light without the drawbacks. While some LEDs may have a more desirable color temperature than fluorescent, conventional LED task lights often create an inadequate field of illumination, glare, light pooling, high contrast illumination ratios and/or multiple shadows. Wave Light technology eliminates these drawbacks while providing a color temperature in the ideal range as well as a dimmer for adjusting illumination to the desired level.