SpaceCo Sit Stand Double SpaceArm 4" extension C-Clamp Platinum, SS02X4CL


  • Security - Keep your monitors and hardware safe with anti-theft features
  • Stoarge - Keep monitors up and out of the way to increase work flow area
  • Organization - Easy access and alignment for multiple monitor or laptop applications
  • Ergonomic - A wide range of adjustments puts your monitor in the most ergonomic position for your needs
  • Space - Increases space efficiencies by positioning the monitor on an arm making wasted space usable
  • Technology - As your technology needs change, so will the SpaceArm.  Flexible and adaptable for the inevitable change
  • Environment - Sustainability is an inherent design feature
Technical Specs:
  • Thermo-fused polyester finish
  • High pressure die - cast aluminum construction
  • 5-axis position adjustment
  • Conforms to VESA 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 200mm mounting patterns
  • 40 degrees of tilt
  • 360 degree monitor rotation
  • 360 degree arm rotation
  • 2.5" depth in the folder position
  • 4" of travel about the center of hub and 7" below the hub
  • Gas spring standard 7 - 20 lbs.

SpaceArm Sit-Stand is designed for work environments requiring the ability to sit or stand while at task. A simple addition of customizable column heights makes the implementation effortless to any work environment. With our Sit-Stand series of SpaceArms you are able to create a dual position work space that allows you to sit and work or stand and work by simply raising and lowering your monitor. Adjusting your monitor height. Coupled with our Optima Sit-Stand Keyboard Solution or Scissor Lift the SpaceArm Sit-Stand offers a comprehensive and economic ergonomic solution.