SafeTray 14"



  • 14” diameter fiberglass tray with non-skid surface with retractable stability clip
  • Designed for added stability when serving drinks and food
  • Retractable clip on bottom of tray allows fingers to be stabilized for better balance of tray
  • Minimize the risk of costly expense of spills: beverage cost, dry cleaning cost, glassware breakage
  • Ideal for new and first time wait staff
  • Available in 14-inch (356mm)

Minimize spills from unsteady serving trays with SafeTray. SafeTray's patented clip on the bottom of the tray provides added stability and security while transporting and serving food and beverages. The clip retracts when placed on counters and other flat surfaces to allow for loading, stacking and storage. Convenient markings on the top of the tray indicate the location of the clip, so servers know exactly where to position hand to locate and slide fingers into grip.