AutoExec RoadMaster Truck Desk with X-Grip Phone Mount




  • 26" from back of desk to the front (toward the dash)Length: 26” front to back of desk
  • Desktop is 25” wide from side of desk to the edge closest to the driver
  • Laptop extends an additional 3.5” off the edge
  • Under desk storage: 13.5” wide x 12” deep x 6” high
  • Hanging file space: 3.25” wide x 9” deep x 12” across for standard size hanging files
  • Printer Stand Mount: Adjustable stand measures 3” high when fully upright.
  • Printer Platform is 13” x 7” and includes the strap
  • Weight: 22lbs

Note: no option for the carry case on this model.

The Auto Exec RoadMaster Truck Version is ideal for people working out of their vehicle that predominately use a laptop. The RoadMaster Truck Version is ideal for larger vehicles such as pick-up trucks with bench and bucket seats. The desk also fits full sized SUV's and Minivans. The adjustable laptop plate comes with a strap and Velcro to help secure it to the desk-top. Move it closer to you while typing and then move it back to the center of the desk while the vehicle is in motion.

The Auto Exec RoadMaster offers laptop positioning similar to a floor mounted computer stand without the installation and permanent mount. In addition, store your hanging file folders in the desk as well as other office essentials in the storage area under the work-surface. This desk is a complete Mobile Office which is secured to the passenger seat by using the seat-belt.