Pono Board 2.0



A unique lateral motion balance board that challenges the core, not the mind. It’s the easiest balance board for standing desks, fitness, Yoga. The simple horizontal instability on this balance board is beach workout inspired. Stepping onto the balance board actively engages core muscles. The Pono Board’s patented & adjustable mOcean Orb base works like air filled ball bearings. It’s has a very unique type of lateral instability, that isolates motion to the horizontal plane. The amount of movement is variable, and can be easily adjusted by changing the pressure in the balls. The balance board is designed to minimize the ’see saw’ or ‘teeter totter’ that you feel on most balance boards. The platform of the Pono Board moves left to right, and back and forth, while staying parallel to the ground. This distraction free motion naturally engages core stabilizing muscles while at a standing desk, or during any exercise.


  • Find Balance - Unique lateral motion Balance Board challenges the Core, not the Mind
  • Be Strong - Adjustable Balance Board for use with Yoga, CrossFit, or any Exercise
  • Active Working - A distraction free & ergonomic standing desk Balance Board
  • Live Mindfully - Beach workout inspired Balance Board with simple horizontal motion
  • Stay Fit - Easy Balance Board movement that is fun for all fitness levels