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Office Master Truly Series TY668 Body-activated Motion


Truly. by OM brings together thoughtfully curated choices, sophisticated backrest design, and a high-end aesthetic, all in one flexible chair that fits into any productivity environment. OM chair families often evolve faster than the speed of print.

Truly. Reception - Who makes the call? With OM’s Truly. chair, you do. Choose from a wide range of surface colors and finishes, then move on to select the right mechanism and ergonomic options for your entire workplace’s changing needs. Be comfortable, be stylish, be in control.

Truly. The Boss - You’ve already got the boss ideas, now get the boss look. Truly. follows your cues as you sit and as you move. The responsively-engineered TruFit Polyback system provides patent-pending working support, letting you focus your thoughts on conquering your work day, one email at a time!

Truly. Conference - Minds, meet Comfort. Comfort, meet Results. When a subtle tool like your chair has got your back, there’s really no telling what you might accomplish. Padded upholstered backrests. Supportive, articulating headrests. Crisp, aluminum bodied loop arms. It’s all about the small victories along the way when you’re dealing with the battlefield of the minds.

Truly. Productive - Isn’t the next Big Thing already here? Truly. boldly offers what other high end, technical backrest chairs seemingly can’t. Raise your game and your back height - to new levels while also adjusting your lumbar region’s firmness through Truly.’s lively, bowable polyback design.