Office Master OM5 Series - Customer's Product with price 716.01 ID l4dSBhp36YR-j9Lh-ls9i4ar


Model - Frame Color Palladium Grey [-G] x1 (52)
Arms - Arms Fixed height T-arms with RP50 extra-wide arm top mechanism and superior range of motion (2'' per side). Arm height at 8.25'' above the seat. [-F-RP50] x1 (131.95)
Polyflex Back - Polyflex Color Modern Black [-PB] x1
Back Upholstery Material - Zodiac Mesh Scorpio [-2300] x1 (32.5)
Seat Upholstery Material - Grade 1 / C.O.M. Obsidian [-1300] x1
Cylinder - Cylinder Styles Petite Black Package (4" cylinder, PT78 base & Truly. -BUS casters) [-XSPKG-B] x1 (36.11)
Base - Base Styles Black [-B27] x1
Casters - Caster Styles Safety Soft Casters [-SS] x1 (16.25)
configId l4dSBhp36YR-j9Lh-ls9i4ar
weight 6.5