Office Master OM5 Series - Customer's Product with price 618.80 ID e5uPOgxLiSLZAl9RnZaR0io7


Model - Frame Color Modern Black [-B] x1
Arms - Arms Height adjustable T-arms with smooth fore-aft, side-to-side, and pivoting motion armpads. [-RP45] x1 (96.2)
Polyflex Back - Polyflex Color Palladium Grey [-PG] x1
Back Upholstery Material - Zodiac Mesh Gemini [-2301] x1 (32.5)
Seat Upholstery Material - Grade 1 / C.O.M. Navy [-1004] x1
Cylinder - Cylinder Styles 5" Black - Seat height range (16"-21") [-OB5] x1
Base - Base Styles Black [-B27] x1
Casters - Caster Styles Dual-tone Universal Soft Casters, 65mm [-SC] x1
Other Options - Optional Accessories Memory Foam Sub-layer - Concealed memory foam upholstery layer added underneath regular HR foam cushion for additional comfort, even while preserving contemporary styling contours for higher-design models. [-UPHCFT] x1 (42.9)
configId e5uPOgxLiSLZAl9RnZaR0io7
weight 6.5