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Office Master Affirm Series AF413


Office Master AF413 is a Cushioned Back Stool shown with 22" Fixed-Foot ring and KR-200 Arm. Affirm has multiple styles & functions to offer. Various mesh color choices, different types of controls, plus complementary Stools, Guest and Nesting chairs.

Sitting Pretty - Pay enough attention, and it’s easy to see good work. Affirm’s cushioned backrest models are well-made complements to the primary Affirm mesh line. Padded comfort for workers who simply prefer more.

Take Charge - Confidence comes with knowing you’ve made the right call. Affirm is loaded with multiple choices to let everyone know exactly how cool, calm & comfortable you are.

Meet & Greet - Actually. Don’t just meet and greet - meet and "Great"! Stand out with Affirm’s customizable knit jacket choices. Find the look that proclaims your office is the original home of great ideas.

Let's Collaborate - Sit how your momma told you not to, toss your legs off to the side, or squirm from spot to spot - be unconventional, and why not? With Affirm’s enlarged "sweet spot" providing a broad comfort zone, unbridled genius is just one brainstorm away.