Kinesis FS22A-JSP Dual-Action Programmable Foot Switch


  • Perfect for gamers, medical transcription and dictation or in any situation where you want to offload joystick actions to your feet
  • Dual foot switch configuration with optional input jacks for extra pedals or hand triggers
  • Connects to computer through USB cable


Foot pedals are powerful tools that can boost productivity, eliminate awkward keystrokes, and cut down on repetitive motions. In this Kinesis model, two pedals perform joystick button actions 1 and 2 (Button 1=Left Pedal, Button 2=Right Pedal)

Pedals are front-hinged and rounded for easy triggering, made from black, glass-reinforced nylon. This product has a low profile design, and comes with heavy steel base to prevent unit from accidentally moving on the floor. There are external status LED lights, and the modular design supports simple field repairs if necessary.