Bakker Elkhuizen Honeycomb Table BNEASSDR



When we're not sitting behind our desk, we are in the car or in a meeting, always in a sitting position. But it is actually very important for our creativity, concentration and productivity to alternate between sitting and standing.

The Honeycomb is suitable for various purposes. For example, you can switch between sitting and standing during a meeting or consultation, or when brainstorming. Its six-angled shape makes it easy for you to push the tables together.

Our standard version is a beech tabletop with a black base. You can also order a white tabletop and/or gray base. Battery and power cable included. The power cable is used to charge the battery so that you can operate the table wirelessly.

 Multi-functional: Suitable for a variety of uses such as meetings, seminars, touchdown working, lunch or a reception.

Easy: Adjust the height using the central button

Height: 23.8 - 49.8 inches