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Bakker Elkhuizen Goldtouch Adjustable V2


The Goldtouch Adjustable V2 allows stepless setting of width and height, bringing your hand, wrist and arm into a more neutral and natural position than with a traditional keyboard.

Also has the Goldtouch Adjustable V2 a light key touch, so you can type more comfortably.

"Using this keyboard increases work comfort, and as you get used to it your productivity will rise too. The keyboard has an integrated numeric portion and is smaller than a traditional keyboard.

With this keyboard you learn to work with your wrist and forearm in better alignment, reducing muscle tension. The problem with a traditional keyboard is often that the keys are positioned flat and straight, causing an unnatural posture of the wrists, hands and forearms when typing."
Meets individual needs: Adjust keying position both vertically and horizontally for increased comfort.
Ergonomic: Compact design means less reaching to operate the mouse.
Keys on the left side: Better allocation of work between left and right arm.