Bakker Elkhuizen FlexTop 270 BNEFT270


You are on the road with your laptop, compact keyboard and mouse – and yet you still have to bend your neck and head to see the screen!

The compact and light FlexTop 270 changes that. This stand ensures that your laptop screen is always at the right height. Your laptop will fit easily into this laptop stand.

You can choose to attach the FlexTop 270 to your laptop or rest your laptop on the two brackets. The stand is made of premium material (Hylite aluminium). It is only 6 mm thin when folded, and so compact that it fits in any laptop case (310 mm deep and 325 mm wide). It only weighs 320 gr.

The stand also has 7 adjustable heights and is easy to use. You can change the screen height and viewing distance with the adjustable tongue. The FlexTop 270 laptop stand is also available in a 12-inch model. In short, an indispensable product for working ergonomically.
7 adjustable height positions (backside height: 9-22 cm).
Lightweight: only weighs 320 gr.
Money-saver: an external monitor is not needed and you will have more workspace.