Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640 BNEFDESK640




Computer users often use documents when working at the computer.

Unfortunately, the body is often subjected to excessive strain because these documents are spread all over the desk. With the flexible document holder FlexDesk 640 you can easily alternate between writing and computer work.

By working in alignment you avoid excessive strain on the neck and shoulders. The FlexDesk allows you to optimally use the space between the screen and the keyboard.

By using this document holder you have a greater overview and an uncluttered desk, which increases concentration and leads to higher productivity.



  • Multi-functional: Refer to documents and make notes using the writing slope, which slides over the keyboard when needed.
  • High quality: Smooth work surface, easy gliding rails, and rigid design using thick acrylic.
  • Storage: Built in pencil storage and storage space for keyboard underneath.