DSI Industrial Backlit Silicone Waterproof USB Keyboard with scissor-switch key KB-JH-IKB-660BL-K



  • Compact, hygiene keyboard with notebook-layout and numeric keypad
  • 3600 Safeguard against dirt and water
  • Silicon membrane for utmost hygiene
  • IP68 fully sealed
  • Flat keys for thorough surface disinfection
  • Excellent tactile key feel for heavy duty type writing in hygiene
  • critical application
  • Backlit key field
  • Color: Black


  • Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB keyboards. Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista® & XP
  • LED Backlight: All keys, low current. Blue backlight for white/black keyboard versions
  • Chemical Resistant: Suitable for most common cleaning agents and surface disinfectant
  • Power/Interface: USB 1.1
  • USB Cable Length: 1.8 Meters
  • Temperature Range: Storage: -200C to +700C, operation: 00C to +500C
  • Supply Voltage: 5V +/- 10% through USB port
  • Current Consumption: Backlit: max. 500mA; non-backlit: max. 100mA
  • Dimensions/Weight: 385 x 140 x 15mm/ 0,73kg(without packaging)
  • LED Status Indicators: Num lock, caps lock, scroll lock, clean
  • Key Switch Technology: Scissors balancing key guidance with contained contact system
  • Key travel, Actuation Force: 2,5 +/- 5 mm, 60g(similar to notebook keyboards)
  • LED Life Expectancy: Rated 200,000 hours (22 years continuous on)
  • Compliancy: CE, FCC

The IKB-660BL-K is waterproof and contaminate-proof and is designed for industrial applications where water, fluids, dust and dirt can damage a regular keyboard.

These keyboards are sealed with 100% silicone and can be dipped in water and cleaned with soap or other cleaners (non-petroleum based). Our products can be used in Food Service, Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine, Military, and Medical Applications.