desk2stand, D2SS12



  • desk2stand is designed to accommodate any desk that you currently use. You can keep your storage and full-desktop surface
  • Each desk2stand is molded from military grade, fiber-glass reinforced nylon. No assembly, or hard to read instructions
  • The top surface of each desk2stand is slotted in a unique pattern that will accept posts, rails, legs, and flat surfaces, making desk2stand truly universal
  • You can use as many desk2stand parts as needed to raise all of your work space to standing height
  • desk2stand can be stacked in increments of 2" starting at 10"
  • Accommodates up to a 500 lb. desk weight
  • Stacks in 2-inch increments to create heights of 10", 12", 14" and 16"
  • Converts a standard 29" high desk to 39" to 45" standing height desks
  • Except for huddle-zones or temporary desks, most users will select an appropriate stool and footrest once they get their desk2stand kit and customize it with keyboard trays and monitor arms typically found on existing seated desks
  • The desk2stand kit includes (4) risers

Introducing an affordable standing desk solution: There are some great standing height, adjustable electric desks on the market. Nearly all of them are more expensive than a typical small business, home owner or college student can afford. Desktop alternatives to buying a new standing desk are less expensive but they remove valuable desktop space, leaving your storage near the floor when you stand up. 

desk2stand is as simple as it sounds. It is a product designed to convert your current desk to standing height, so that you can stand while you work. Bed risers (6" tall) have been around for years, but they are not designed to accommodate desk edges and legs, and none are the minimum height of 10" needed to raise a typical desk to a comfortable standing height. Now anyone who wants to stand while they work can have all the ergonomic and health benefits from standing at a fraction of the cost.