LogicKeyboard Adobe Premiere Pro CC Magic Full Size US LS-PPROCC-MGFS-US


Product Specification

  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • LogicSkin is made from the best 100% hi-grade Japanese Silicone
  • Compatible with Apple Magic Numeric Keyboard
  • 0,5mm Thin, silky smooth feel
  • Soft, Flexible and yet very tough
  • Protects your Keyboard from dirt, dust and spills
  • Easy removed for cleaning
  • Stays in place - Do not slip or slide
  • Hand washable- easy to keep clean
  • Helps muffle typing noises


              Keyboard cover for Adobe Premiere Pro CC Apple Magic keyboard (GEN 1) with numeric keypad.

              The shortcut keyboard cover for Adobe Premiere Pro CC will instantly make your life easier. With over 100 keyboard shortcuts displayed this keyboard cover can speed up your editing by as much as 50 %.

              We sent the Apple Magic Numeric keyboard to a 3D rendering company who then came back with a flawless version of our new keyboard cover for Premiere Pro. Not only does this cover protect your apple keyboard, it also helps your editing life.