AutoExec Roadmaster Car Desk with Power Inverter, Tablet Mount and Printer Stand


  • AutoExec has truly helped put the laptop in a position that is easy to use and type The Roadmaster is one of the more ergonomic solutions available today The 21" wide top has an adjustable laptop plate so the laptop can be moved to a comfortable position for typing The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches making it 24" of overall reach from the far edge of the desk Along with the comfort features of this product you can enjoy hanging File space and a hidden storage area This will help keep valuables out of sight and make sure you are organized Secure the desk with the seat belt in your vehicle Secure the laptop to the plate by using the included Velcro strap Fits most cars smaller SUV's and Mini-vans

  • Made in the USA and designed to be used with a laptop in the vehicle and has file storage that is easily accessible at all times, making this an ideal tool for the mobile office
  • Manufactured with a hidden storage compartment located underneath the work surface so you can keep valuables hidden at all times
  • The laptop plate extends the computer another 3 inches from the edge of the work surface
  • Features a Power Inverter, Tablet Mount and Printer Stand
  • Size: 15. 15"L x 21. 25"W X 11"H
  • 22 lbs