Blue Orb Inc OrbiTouch Keyboard KB10607 White


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Do you – or someone you know – struggle typing on regular keyboards?

  • If you have any kind of physical limitation with your hands, wrists, or fingers – you know how difficult it can be to use a traditional computer keyboard.
  • The orbiTouch is used by people who have arm or hand prostheses, limited hand and finger use due to injury, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal injury, burn, stroke, cerebral palsy and many other physical conditions. It is also being used by people who are visually impaired, blind, have autism, or have traumatic brain injury.
  • It’s really not a keyboard at all. Yet it lets you communicate just as if you had no limitations at all…!
  • The orbiTouch keyless keyboard is designed and engineered to make typing as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  • A great deal of research has been done on optimizing the orbiTouch to minimize your learning curve and maximize your speed.