Bakker Elkhuizen UltraStand 13" MacBook Pro Silver BNUESMCPRO1319



  • The thinnest and lightest notebook stand ever.
  • Fits every type of laptop, including those with docking station ports.
  • Laptop screen always at the correct height
  • Adjustment range
  • 10 - 17 cm
  • Number of angles: 8
  • Weight: 250 gr (8.82 ounces)
  • 13” MacBook Pro/Air

The UltraStand is an integrated notebook stand that attaches to the base of a laptop, becoming like a second skin. It folds open with 5 height settings to raise the screen to an ergonomically correct height.

This practically invisible, wafer-thin, feather-light addition makes it possible to work comfortably with a laptop wherever you are.

Using a notebook stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%.

It also significantly improves sitting posture. Neck strain is reduced by 32% and comfort is improved by 21% (Lindblad, 2002). The forearms are also in a more neutral position. Physical complaints are substantially reduced (Boersma, 2002).

We advise working no longer than two hours a day with a laptop unless it is combined with a notebook stand with an external keyboard and mouse.