AutoExec RoadMaster Car with Phone Mount, Printer Stand and Tablet Mount


  • Having a car desk with a secured laptop support system is important if you want a productive work environment in the vehicle. The RoadMaster series was created to help answer this need. The work surface has an adjustable laptop plate so the computer can be moved to a comfortable, ergonomic position for typing. The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches making it more comfortable for typing.

    Secure the desk with the seat-belt in your vehicle and secure the laptop to the plate with the supplied Velcro and security strap. The RoadMaster Car fits most cars, smaller SUV’s, and Mini-Vans.

    AutoExec has created a way to make mobile working on the road easy and comfortable. If a laptop is part of your daily work arsenal, then this desk is for you. Mounting your laptop is easy and makes working in the vehicle rewarding. Improve productivity while working in your "mobile office" and relax knowing your valuables are tucked away in the hidden storage space of your desk. The AutoExec RoadMaster Car is designed to support small to large laptops. The laptop is securely fastened to the desk using an adjustable steel mounting plate that can be moved forward and backwards as desired to reach a comfortable typing position. Storing devices or other valuables can be done in the hidden storage space below the wooden top. This space along with the file storage, makes organization much easier. This specific model is designed for most sedans, smaller SUVs, and mini vans. The RoadMaster Car Elite series comes with a beautiful Baltic birch wood surface that mates well with the rugged base. The desk seat belts easily into the front passenger seat and can be installed or removed in seconds. The rounded plastic base is smooth and is gentle on your seat and the curved base is designed to keep your work surface level so your office essentials don't tip over.

  • Made in the USA and designed to be used with a laptop in the vehicle and has file storage that is easily accessible at all times, making this an ideal tool for the mobile office
  • Manufactured with a hidden storage compartment located underneath the work surface so you can keep valuables hidden at all times
  • Increase productivity by keeping your vehicle organized and efficient with the large work surface and smaller storage compartments located towards the back of the car desk
  • The laptop plate extends the computer another 3 inches from the edge of the work surface
  • Includes phone mount, tablet mount, and printer stand