AutoExec RoadMaster Car Desk with Tablet Mount



  • Desk Dimensions: 26" From back of desk to the front (toward the dash)
  • Desktop is 21" wide from side of desk to the edge closest to the driver
  • The laptop plate extends the laptop an additional 3.5" off the edge
  • The laptop plate itself measures 10" wide by 6.5"
  • Storage area under the desk: 13.5" wide, 12" deep and 6" high
  • Hanging file space - 3.25" wide and 9" deep and 12" across for standard size hanging file folders
  • Optional printer mount
  • Adjustable stand measures 4” high when fully upright.
  • The printer platform is 13” x 7” and includes the strap.
  • Printer stand - measures 13" wide by 7" deep.
  • Weight: 14 pounds

    NOTE: Don’t drive distracted. Use computers only while parked.

    The RoadMaster Car Desk is ideal for people working out of their vehicle that predominately use a laptop, netbook, tablet, or iPad. Large desktop surface allows the computer to be pushed out of the way to provide room for writing.

    Built in area for organizing hanging files, open space under the desktop provides ample room for storage, plus handy stationary tray for keeping pens, pencils, paper clips, stapler, cellphone, smartphone, business cards, or whatever you need quick access to.

    The 21" wide top has an adjustable plate so that laptops can be moved into a comfortable, ergonomic position for typing while the vehicle is parked. When you're ready to drive, just move it out of the way. The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches making it 24" of overall reach from the far edge of the desk. 

    You can also secure your laptop or device to the plate, using the supplied Velcro and security strap. Secure the desk with the seat-belt in your vehicle. Fits most cars, smaller SUV's, and Mini-Vans.

    Optional Add-On:

    400 Watt Inverter with 800-watt peak surge power lets you power up devices with 2 three-prong receptacles and 2 USB ports. Features include a built-in cooling fan and an LED indicator that lets you know when the unit is switched on. Ideal for running computers, cell phones, lights, stereos, radios and CD players in cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. 

    Printer Stand holds your output device, using a unique spring-loaded mechanism that holds securely yet allows easy removal. At each end of the spring loaded cradle, small clamp plates fit cleanly around either edge of the printer. It's that simple!